Eastgate Export Pvt Ltd is a globally recognized 1121 Basmati Rice manufacturer and exporter of high-quality basmati rice. We offer many rice categories, such as Organic basmati and Non-basmati rice ranging from 1121 basmati rice to traditional basmati, Pusa basmati . we are engaged in processing & supply of finest qualities of Indian Rice in the form of Brown, Raw, steamed, White Sella/ Parboiled & Golden Sella Rice worldwide.

Our rice is rich in taste and speaks volumes in terms of purity, flavor, delectable taste & refreshing aroma. Hygienically processed and packed following industry standards, our rice is widely appreciated in the global market for its high nutritional value.

Basmati Rice

Basmati is a variety of long, slender-grained aromatic rice which is traditionally grown in India,  Explore our range of premium Basmati Rice to choose the best rice for cooking

Premium Quality Basmati Rice

  • Pesticide Free Rice

Organic Pesticide Free Rice

This array of Organic Raw Rice is acknowledged for its nutrients enriched content

Basmati Rice
non Basmati rice
  •  Non Basmati Rice


Original Indian Non Basmati Rice Products

We supply wide range of Premium Non-Basmati Rice as per client’s requirements.

Indian Rice Varieties We Offer